That Thing Writers Do (or Don’t Do)

Most writers I know are fabulous at marketing. Except when it comes to themselves.

It’s like the shoeless children of the cobbler. Working writers spend so much time making sure their clients’ websites, newsletters, Facebook pages, and blogs are current and top-notch that they don’t always have time to maintain their own.

The smartest working writers I know carve out time for marketing. They update their website with their latest work, they send out letters of introduction to potential clients, and they check in with past clients to see if an upcoming project is a good fit. They do this all while continuing to meet current deadlines.

While I love my work, I fall into the camp of those who don’t always carve out that time. I haven’t blogged here in months. Lately, my clients have found me rather than my seeking them out. But I can’t always rely on that. So here I am, promising myself—and you: colleagues, clients, and potential clients—that I’ll be back here more often.