I love editing. I also love self-publishing. For these reasons I try to keep my rates as competitive as possible while providing you a quality product. If you’re reading this thinking you can get away with publishing without hiring an editor, do yourself a favor and save time by halting the project. Publishing an unedited manuscript with errors is the fastest way to lose credibility. (The second fastest is by not using a professionally designed cover.)

—Unless otherwise requested, I work in Microsoft Word using Track Changes.
—A $50 deposit secures your spot in my calendar.
—A rush fee of 15% will be added to any project with a specifically requested timeframe.
—I will begin your project when I have 50% deposit. When I’m finished I’ll invoice for the second half. Then I’ll send you your manuscript back.

[sample price: 50,000-word manuscript = $300]

Please note: The vast majority of editing jobs I receive are not proofreading jobs. You will get a proofreading rate only if your draft has already been copy edited. A proofreading pass is a final-editing pass where I check for punctuation or spelling errors, missing words, inconsistencies, and unintentional editing or keying mistakes such as missing or repeated words. This is often referred to as the “clean-up” phase of editing, where changes are small and unlikely to affect the content of your manuscript.


[sample price: 50,000-word manuscript = $450]

Copy editing is the next level up from proofreading. Copy editing involves working from a style sheet to make sure everything in the manuscript reads consistently. A copy edit corrects spelling and punctuation errors, smooths grammar mistakes, identifies and fixes misused words, and ensures consistency in numbers, fonts, and capitalization. In fiction I also pay attention to consistency of the story—a believable timeline, consistent character elements (names, hair color, logical dialogue, etc.). (Note: You’ll want a proofreading pass after this.)

[sample price: 50,000-word manuscript = $750]

Line editing helps you become the best writer you can. A lot of authors confuse line editing with copyediting, but line editing is not about identifying errors. Rather, I work sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, addressing language use and fluidity while also preserving your style and voice, as well as the intent of your storytelling. I identify overused phrases or words, run-on sentences, redundancies, and areas where sentences can use tightening. I’ll query you throughout, asking questions if anything is unclear, feels unnatural to the story, or does not convey the emotion you seem to be after. (Note: You’ll want a proofreading pass after this.)

Sandra Hume has worked as a copy editor and proofreader for custom publishers, individuals, magazines, and corporations, combing through conference brochures, print books, ebooks, documentary scripts, and long-form articles to scrub them of errors and implement a consistent style. She is familiar with both AP and Chicago style and has additionally developed her own fiction style sheet for self-published authors. She is the author of Worst-Kept Secret under the pen name Sienna Cash as well as the Land of Laura travel series about Laura Ingalls Wilder under her own name.

Selected books and magazines Sandra has edited

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